Kata is a systematically organized series of defensive and offensive techniques performed in a sequence against one or more imaginary opponents. Katas teach speed, balance, rhythm, coordination, and basic techniques.

​​AOK Katas

Yellow Belt (9th kyu) – Basic 1, 2, & 3
Gold Belt (8th kyu) – Bo Iche
Orange Belt (7th kyu) – Pinan Nidan
Blue Belt (6th kyu) – Seisan
Purple Belt (5th kyu) – Shodan Sai
Green Belt (4th kyu) – Naihanchi & Cebu Sho
Red Belt (3th kyu) – Neko San
Brown Belt (2nd kyu) – Wan Su
Brown Belt w/Black Stripe (1st kyu) – Edo Sai Sandan & Takahashi Sandan
Shodan (1st Dan) – Sanchin
Nidan (2nd Dan) – Go Dai Go
Sandan (3rd Dan) – Takahashi Yondan

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