Class Rules

While there are additional rules and traditions we follow, here are some of the class rules for ABQ Okinawan Karate.

  1. Bow when entering or leaving the dojo.
  2. Bow to all advanced belts before and after talking to them.
  3. Uniforms (gi) must have all patches worn properly.
  4. Uniforms (gi) must be neat and clean at all times.
  5. Line up by rank before class and after each break.
  6. No talking while lined up unless asked a question.
  7. Belts must be tied properly.
  8. No eating or chewing gum in the dojo.
  9. Drinks only during breaks.
  10. No horseplay at any time.
  11. No fighting other than supervised sparring.
  12. Show care and concern for your companions.
  13. Listen attentively to Sensei, follow instructions.
  14. Don’t attempt to teach friends outside of the dojo.
  15. Always help others when needed.
  16. Never show off.
  17. Never criticize or laugh at another student.
  18. Safety in practice must be maintained at all times.
  19. Leave the dojo as clean as when you arrived.
  20. Take all personal gear after each class.

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