Where are classes held?
ABQ Okinwanan Karate
7520 4th St NW
Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107
Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/EBJsakueakBZpSnE6 

Does ABQ Okinawan Karate have a website?
Of course. http://abqokinawankarate.com.

Is the class appropriate for kids?
Yes! The classes will work for both youth and adults – anyone age 7 or above. Curriculum is tailored for each individual.

How much do classes cost?
Class fees are $20 per month per student, with NO CONTRACT. Contact Sensei Michael for more details.

“Do I need previous karate / martial arts experience for class?”
No. You begin learning at any stage and any experience level. Each class is unique and all instruction is customized for various individuals.

What system / type / style of karate is this?
The classes are based on system called, TOKAR – “Traditional Okinawan Karateka American Ryu” – that, as the name suggests, is an Americanized martial art system based on traditional Okinawan martial arts. See more about TOKAR at – www.tokarkarate.com.

Who will teach these classes?
Sensei Michael Sheyahshe will teach the ABQ Okinawan Karate classes. Sensei Michael achieved the rank of Shodan (1st degree Black Belt) in 2011 and was awarded the rank of Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in 2013, both from from TOKAR martial arts.

How do you say/pronounce that last name, Sheyahshe?
Pronounced, shee-YAH-shee, the name is a Caddo (Native American) word meaning, “little boy”. Sensei Michael is an enrolled member of the Caddo tribe.

What can I expect, during class?
We will start class with warm-up exercises, stretches & flexibility drills, physical training. The 2nd half of class will usually have a specific focus for that session: stances; kicks; strikes; self-defense; forms / katas; endurance; strength conditioning; focused awareness drills; weapons training; and much more. We will also cover many of the ‘basics’ of such as rules, conduct, expectations, statistics, etc.

Will there be belt ranks / tests?
Yes. Schedule for belt rank tests varies, depending on student attendance.

Are there different class times, perhaps on weekends, available?
Currently classes are set for Wednesday evenings – however, please contact Sensei Michael directly if you are interested in weekend classes or are unable to meet any other time.

Will there be sparring, “kumite”?
Not at first; but, yes, the plan is to eventually get students to level where sparring is safe. There will be much to learn (i.e., basics, sparring rules, etc.) before then. Once we do being sparring, students will need to have the proper protective gear (we will go over that as a class).

Weapons / kubudō ?
Yes, ubt not until we go over several needed lessons in-class (see “sparring”, above). TOKAR utilizes many weapons such as: bo (staff), saikamatonfanunchaku, escrima sticks, and more.

Will we learn self-defense?
Yes. We teach several different self-defense techniques. We use vital point striking, pressure point manipulation, joint locks, sweeps and take-downs, etc. Some of our self-defense includes aspects of Aikido-like throws. We also study the mental aspects of self defense such as situational awareness and deescalation. Self defense training is tailored to each individual’s strengths and abilities.

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