Class Rules

While there are additional rules and traditions we follow, here are some of the class rules for ABQ Okinawan Karate. Bow when entering or leaving the dojo. Bow to all advanced belts before and after talking to them. Uniforms (gi) must have all patches worn properly. Uniforms (gi) must be neat and clean at all... Continue Reading →


Where are classes held? ABQ Okinwanan Karate 7520 4th St NW Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107 Google Maps:  Does ABQ Okinawan Karate have a website? Of course. Is the class appropriate for kids? Yes! The classes will work for both youth and adults - anyone age 7 or above. Curriculum is tailored for... Continue Reading →

About AOK

ABQ Okinawan Karate 沖縄空手 Available for anyone age 7+. Build confidence, self-respect, and respect for others - and get physically fit while doing so! This group will learn & practice traditional Okinawan karate here in ABQ on a weekly basis. We teach aspects of Okinawan martial arts to strengthen the body and mind, based on the... Continue Reading →

Self Defense

The need to apply self defense techniques can occur when you least expect it. One very crucial difference between preparing to win matches and readying yourself for a violent confrontation is time. The faster one concludes a real fight the better. There is one rule we must use in real confrontations: win the fight in thirty... Continue Reading →


Okinawan Kobudō (沖縄古武道), literally means "old martial way of Okinawa" and is the weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts. (source: Wikipedia) While much of our training and self defense focus on empty-handed techniques, ABQ Okinawan Karate utilizes several weapons traditional to Okinawan karate in our katas, including: Bo Sai Tonfa Kama Nunchaku We also train... Continue Reading →


ABQ Okinawan Karate Martial Arts Lineage Tracing our traditions from Chinese and Okinawan Masters. ABQ Okinawan Karate teaches TOKAR, which takes its katas from Naha-Te, one of the original styles of karate.


Sensei Michael Sheyahshe has always had a keen interest in martial arts and begin studying traditional Okinawan karate at TOKAR in Summer 2009. achieved the rank of Shodan (1st degree/dan black belt) in Okinawan Karate in 2011 and was awarded the rank of Nidan (2nd degree/dan black belt) in 2013, both from from TOKAR martial... Continue Reading →

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